Our lab is focused on providing LASS (laser-ablation split stream) analysis: simultaneous measurement of isotopic and/or elemental ratios using a laser and two mass spectrometers, to obtain ages and complemental geochemical data on the same analytical spots. The laboratory is currently configured to analyze U-Th-Pb isotopes + trace elements from a range of geologic matrices, including zircon, monazite, apatite, titanite and rutile; laser spot sizes range from 8 um for monazite to 35 um for zircon. We can collect these data from polished grains in uncovered petrographic thin-sections or grain mounts; we are also configured to make depth-resolved measurements (depth-profiling mode). Within a typical analytical session, we measure a set of 3-5 isotopic and trace element reference materials, bracketed by multiple sets of 4-10 unknowns (samples). Using our current methods, this routine is capable of measuring 50-100 unknowns in a 2-3 hour session, dependent on sample size and ablation parameters. We use the Iolite software package for data reduction.

We offer competitive internal and external user rates; please contact us for more details.